Great skin at any age, let us show you how.

“People's needs are complex and require understanding, empathy and a unified approach to skin care.” -Dr. Tkatch 

Beauty and wellness go hand in hand. At MD Wellness Solutions, we take a whole-health approach to the needs of our clients. Self-perception, body image, sexual wellness and our attitudes towards beauty and aging all affect our life experience. It is the passionate desire of Dr. Tkatch to make yours better. At MD Wellness Solutions, we treat the WHOLE person. We offer a safe, compassionate environment where your needs are understood because they are shared. 

Aesthetic rejuvenation. Non-surgical anti-aging solutions. Cosmetic enhancement. Doctor-directed face & body treatments. Sexual wellness education and treatment.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation

At MD Wellness Solutions, we offer head-to-toe beauty solutions to correct the signs of aging, repair skin damage, restore your glow, and support a healthy complexion, 


Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness plays a vital role in maintaining our health & emotional balance. Dr. Tkatch can assist with hormone balancing, education and MonaLisa Touch, the first non-invasive treatment for vaginal pain.


Whole Health Care

By addressing the multiple concerns facing you, we enhance your sense of well-being, beauty, and confidence, for a new “personal best.”

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