Testimonial - Marla

Hi, my name is Marla and I’m going to tell you about my experience with the CO2 laser. It’s truly amazing. First of all, it does amazing things to your complexion and your wrinkles, spine lines & sagging. There is downtime. I had it pre covid and it was worse than this time, but now they give you so much laughing gas, I think that’s what it’s called. And there’s probably about two or three days where you pretty well look like a burn victim, but it goes away and they give you good drugs, and it’s just been amazing for me, and I truly would recommend it. And it’s a little painful, but like I say, with the laughing gas, it doesn’t take very long and the results are just amazing.


Testimonial - Robyn

Hi, my name is Robyn and I’ve been coming to Dr. Tkatch since 2016, and I’ve always been really, really pleased with the service that I’ve had here. I was uncomfortable getting fillers under my eyes which I wasn’t very happy with, and the top of my lip I wasn’t happy with. And I started to gradually get into fillers and huge results, quality service. And I’m really, really pleased. And every time I come here, when I leave, I feel like I’ve done something just for me and I feel really good about myself.

Karen P

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Maddie - Emsculpt Neo

Review - Maddii

Hi, I am Maddie. I’ve completed the sculp Neo for my abdomen and my glutes. I had amazing results. I feel so much stronger at the gym, able to lift heavier. I do also have scoliosis in my back, so I’ve been experiencing back pain for so many years and completing the series for the abdomen, I feel I’m able to hold my pelvis in a better position and experience less back pain, which has been amazing. And for my glutes. I’ve done the series as well, and I’ve noticed at the gym I’m able to progress more in squats and lift heavier, which has been really challenging for me over the years. So I’m really happy with those results. And to maintain my results. I’m going to continue to do the gym membership, getting a monthly treatment to help maintain results because I love them so much. Thank you. Cut. Thank you out. We’re good.


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