What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is the first non-invasive non-surgical treatment to dissolve double chins! It is an FDA and Health Canada-approved treatment that has undergone rigorous scientific and clinical research and been shown to be safe and effective. Belkyra is deoxycholic acid, a natural bile acid the body uses to break down dietary fat during digestion, that has been formulated for in-office injection by a physician to treat submental fullness (double chin).

How does Belkyra work?

Belkyra naturally breaks down and destroys the collection of fat cells that cause double chin. Dr. Tkatch finds that in order to obtain great results most patients need between 2-4 treatments, each six weeks apart.

How will I feel during and after my Belkyra treatment?

After your series of Belkyra treatments you will love your new sleeker profile!

Prior to your Belkyra treatment you may take an oral analgesic like acetaminophen. When you arrive in the clinic we will clean the area with antiseptic and then apply numbing and an ice pack. During the actual treatment you will feel a sensation of warmth. Post treatment discomfort is minimal and managed effectively with an ice pack. You will notice significant swelling immediately post treatment that may last a week or two, and in minority of people up to a month. Temporary tenderness, numbness and light bruising are also possible. You may choose to wear makeup or a scarf to minimize any noticeable post treatment signs until you are ready to show off your new profile. No restriction in activities post treatment.

Are Belkyra results permanent?

Yes, the fat cells treated with Belkyra are permanently destroyed.

Can I have a Belkyra treatment to destroy fat in areas other then my double chin?

At the current time, Belkyra is only approved for use in the submental (chin) area. Ongoing studies are being conducted by Allergan, the manufacturer of Belkyra, to investigate its use in other areas. Stay tuned to this page for updates!

How much does Belkyra treatment cost?

Like any injectable, the cost varies with the amount of injectable required to achieve your individual treatment result. Most people need 2-4 treatments that cost between $1200-1800 per treatment, depending on the volume of Belkyra required to treat your submental fullness.

How do I obtain a Belkyra treatment?

Book a consultation with Dr. Tkatch to assess your suitability for the treatment, review other treatment options including liposuction and surgery, and get recommendations for a complete treatment program.

What do our patients say about their Belkyra treatment?

It has been such a positive and life changing experience for me since being referred to Dr. Shelin Tkatch and the incredible team at MD Wellness two years ago. The personal attention and care they provide is absolutely outstanding and well balanced with gentleness, kindness and professionalism with all treatments I have received on an ongoing basis. They have provided extremely helpful advice and treatment plans for both Botox and fillers that has given me the best results I have ever seen since first trying these procedures elsewhere over 7 years ago.

The latest treatment they suggested for me was Belkyra. I had my first treatment in October and am so excited and pleased with the results just after one treatment. They fully prepared me with all of the information I needed to be aware of what to expect and to assist me in making an informed and confident decision to try the procedure without any hesitation or feeling pressured. I will admit it was somewhat uncomfortable for the first week or so but the results are absolutely fabulous and so well worth the minor discomfort. I can’t believe what a difference just the one treatment has made in greatly reducing the fatty double chin that was getting worse each year and negatively affecting my self esteem. In addition, the Belkyra treatment helped in tightening the skin in that area which I was also self conscious about. I can’t wait for my second and probably final treatment! I highly recommend if anyone is contemplating trying Belkyra and who Dr. Tkatch suggests is a good candidate for this procedure to know that is has been so wonderful for me.

If you are at all considering this or any other cosmetic procedure for the first time or have had a “not so positive” experience in the past somewhere else, please do take the time and make an appointment to speak and consult with Dr. Tkatch and the rest of her incredible team of professionals at MD Wellness. I do sincerely hope that they are able to help you as much as they have helped me. I can’t thank them all enough!

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