What are platelet-rich plasma treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments use your own body’s plasma to deliver growth factor-promoting platelets to the area being treated. Popular areas to treat are the face, especially in the under-eye region for skin rejuvenation, and the scalp for hair regrowth. PRP can also be utilized during vaginal rejuvenation procedures to promote healthy labia and vaginal tissues.

How is a PRP treatment delivered?

First, your blood will be drawn by Dr. Tkatch from the elbow region. The drawn blood will be spun in a centrifuge to separate the whole blood from the plasma, which contains the platelets. Once separated, it is ready to inject into the area of your choice. You will have been pre-numbed and Dr. Tkatch will use a very high-tech intradermal injector known as the U-225 to deliver the platelets to the area you want to rejuvenate.

A female patient getting PRP treatment

How often should I have PRP treatments?

Some people like to do series of PRP treatments, each four to six weeks apart, and others like to do a single annual treatment as part of a more comprehensive plan including injectables and lasers. Dr. Tkatch will advise you during your consultation how to fit PRP into your overall treatment plan.