The health and safety of our clients and staff is something we take seriously. We anticipate potential hazards in the delivery of your aesthetic care and plan how to reduce these risks. The measures we take to improve the safety of the care we deliver to you will be evident from the moment you arrive in our clinic and throughout your after care.  We are always learning how to deliver safer cosmetic procedures. Some of the measures we employ are:

  • We have installed a state-of-the-art, hospital-grade air filtration system capable of filtering out ultra-small particles, including viruses.
  • Your provider will be wearing a mask during treatments.
  • We don’t come to work when we are ill and we ask our clients to please reschedule if they feel unwell.
  • We offer complementary facial ultrasound pre- and post-filler injections to reduce the already low risk of vascular injury.
  • Every filler and laser patient receives Dr. Tkatch’s personal cell number in case of an after hours concern.
  • All of our providers have extensive training and experience and participate in ongoing skill development opportunities. Dr. Tkatch loves learning and so does her team!