What is laser skin resurfacing?

A laser device is used to create a controlled injury to the skin to stimulate the deposition of collagen and elastin. The healing process that follows a laser skin resurfacing treatment is what creates smoother, more evenly-toned skin that is less wrinkled and more glowy!

What types of laser skin resurfacing does MD Wellness Solutions offer?

Depending on your skin type, skin improvement goals, and ability to accommodate downtime you may choose either a non-ablative fractional laser treatment (1540) or an ablative fractional laser treatment (CO2). The 1540 laser is ideal for people with darker skin or those who want the least downtime, and don’t mind having a series of treatments. The CO2 laser is ideal for people with lighter skin tones and those who don’t mind a longer downtime (5-7 days) but prefer a single treatment.

When will I see improvement after my laser skin resurfacing?

After the initial redness and swelling settles down, your skin will start the process of laying down more collagen and elastin. This process continues for three to six months after your laser treatment, meaning your skin will just keep looking better and better.

How often should I have a laser skin resurfacing?

Many people choose to resurface the skin as part of a larger overall program to diminish acne scarring or wrinkles, and may undergo the laser procedure or series only once. Many others choose to do an annual laser resurfacing as part of a skin maintenance program. Dr. Tkatch will provide you with an individualized plan to suit your goals and budget.