Hair Restoration

Loss of hair on our scalp can be devastating for both men and women. The first step in treating hair loss is a medical evaluation to rule out causes like stress, anemia, thyroid issues and vitamin deficiencies. Most scalp hair loss is a progressive and gradual thinning, the pattern of which varies between men and women.

Prescription medications can help both men and women. Choosing which prescription is right for you requires a thorough history and physical exam of the scalp.  Medications take at least 6 months to work and need to be taken for as long as you want your hair growth to be healthy. Many of the medications for hair restoration require close medical supervision, which Dr. Tkatch is experienced in providing.

Non-invasive treatments to improve scalp health, including Keravive and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, can encourage hair regrowth.

PRP treatment is a non-surgical, completely natural and drug-free way to slow down hair loss, stimulate hair regrowth and increase the thickness of your existing hair. Treatments are recommended once monthly for four treatments and are delivered with a specialized dermal injector that precisely controls the depth and pressure of PRP injection.

In severe cases where the health of hair follicles has been completely compromised, robotic hair transplants can be very successful. Hair transplants require a highly-skilled and dedicated hair transplant team, and aren’t currently available in British Columbia.

Medications, PRP and Keravive can help most people who are experiencing hair loss.  Book your consultation with Dr. Tkatch today to find out if these treatments can help regrow your hair. Your consultation will include a history, physical exam, any necessary labs and a treatment plan to help restore your hair. Don’t lose one more hair thinking about it — book today!