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I went to Dr. Tkatch for a skin cancer screen. She performed a head to toe check and then used the Aura laser to help her screen which lesions were high risk and needed biopsy. All the low risk lesions she froze off for me with a Cryopen, a much more accurate and comfortable treatment then the cotton bud in liquid nitrogen method my previous doctor used. She then asked me if I had ever considered fillers for my facial volume loss. I hadn’t realized anything other than surgery could help. She showed me pictures of filler work she has done for other clients and I was game to give it a try. She takes her time doing the fillers and it required two visits, but was it ever worth it! I look 10 years younger and no one even knew I had anything done. There was some slight swelling and unevenness that settled by my followup visit, as promised. I am very pleased that I chose this doctor and that she suggested fillers, which I didn’t even know I needed. Highly recommend!

— George G.

If you are looking for the finest wellness remedies, look no further than Dr. Shelin Tkatch and her complete team! You will be taken care of, head to toe, with the finest health professionals in the industry. Thank You, Dr. Tkatch ! Your expertise, knowledge, and patient care = peace of mind and body !!!!!

— Marty O.

I have been seeing Dr. Tkatch and Ronda for a year now and I can’t say enough of how happy I am with the results. I had fillers, botox and laser treatments. the pictures speak for themselves…

— Normand Brouillette

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Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD board-certified gynecologist-surgeon Surrey, BC

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD, is a distinguished board-certified gynecologist-surgeon with a diploma in dermatology, exhibiting a unique blend of medical expertise. Renowned for her keen eye for facial aesthetics, she combines surgical precision with an artist's touch to achieve facial harmony and beauty for her patients.

Dr. Tkatch's commitment to research in vitality-enhancing medicine underscores her dedication to providing cutting-edge, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. As an active staff member at Peace Arch Hospital and a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia, she's at the forefront of medical education. Dr. Tkatch's holistic approach to healthcare and her membership in esteemed medical associations reflect her unwavering commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction. Dr. Tkatch's compassionate demeanor at MD Wellness Solutions fosters a safe and relaxed environment, allowing patients to embrace self-care and enhance their confidence through tailored treatments.