Addressing vaginal laxity and prolapse

At MD Wellness Solutions of Surrey, British Columbia, Dr. Shelin Tkatch and her team are committed to providing expertise and experience for women in the area who are struggling with certain health and beauty concerns. Women who have been diagnosed with vaginal laxity or vaginal prolapse may be unsure as to where they can turn for assistance. Let’s discuss these two women’s health issues and find out how they can be improved or resolved with the help of our dual-qualified doctor and her team.

What is vaginal laxity, and what causes it?

Vaginal laxity and prolapse can occur in pre-and post-menopausal women. It results from damage to the pelvic floor due to pregnancy, childbirth, and birthing-related trauma. It’s more common in women who’ve had large babies or who have needed vacuum- or forceps-assisted delivery or episiotomies, but it can also occur in women who have never been pregnant. .

What is pelvic floor vaginal prolapse, and what causes it?

Pelvic floor prolapse is a related condition of prolapse of the uterus, bladder, urethra, and rectum. Prolapse is related to pregnancy, childbirth, weight gain, aging, and genetic predisposition. Symptoms of vaginal laxity include diminished sensation during intimacy and loss of pleasure. Pelvic floor prolapse can cause loss of continence, pain with intimacy, a bulge at the opening of the vagina, and back pain.

What are non-invasive treatments for laxity and prolapse?

Non-invasive treatments for both vaginal laxity and pelvic floor prolapse are available at MD Wellness Solutions. Treatment options include Vitalia radiofrequency vaginal tightening treatments and Emsella pelvic floor strengthening. When you are evaluated by Dr. Tkatch, you can educate yourself on each treatment and determine if you are a good candidate for one or both. Additionally, there may be times when you need more than these non-invasive treatments to help you achieve the desired results, in which surgical solutions will be offered. If surgical options are necessary, Dr. Tkatch can assist with organizing your surgery.

How do I learn more about treating vaginal laxity and pelvic floor prolapse concerns?

If you suffer from vaginal laxity or prolapse, please ask your family doctor to refer you to Dr. Shelin Tkatch. If you don’t have a family doctor, virtual care services like TELUS MyCare are covered by MSP and can refer you to Dr. Shelin Tkatch. The office is at 313-2626 Croydon Drive and can be reached by phone at (604) 385-3838.

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD board-certified gynecologist-surgeon Surrey, BC

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD, is a distinguished board-certified gynecologist-surgeon with a diploma in dermatology, exhibiting a unique blend of medical expertise. Renowned for her keen eye for facial aesthetics, she combines surgical precision with an artist's touch to achieve facial harmony and beauty for her patients.

Dr. Tkatch's commitment to research in vitality-enhancing medicine underscores her dedication to providing cutting-edge, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. As an active staff member at Peace Arch Hospital and a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia, she's at the forefront of medical education. Dr. Tkatch's holistic approach to healthcare and her membership in esteemed medical associations reflect her unwavering commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction. Dr. Tkatch's compassionate demeanor at MD Wellness Solutions fosters a safe and relaxed environment, allowing patients to embrace self-care and enhance their confidence through tailored treatments.