Non-surgical rejuvenation services

As we age, our hands lose collagen, elastin, and fat. The result is skin that looks loose and wrinkled, like crumpled up crepe paper. This very thin tissue allows veins and tendons to be overly visible, leaving our hands looking ancient. old. In addition, most of us never made a habit of applying sunscreen to our hands, leaving them vulnerable to developing age spots. At MD Wellness Solutions, Dr. Shelin Tkatch and her team in Surrey, British Columbia, can evaluate your hands and help you decide if hand rejuvenation services are right for you. Whether we recommend IPL therapy or dermal filler injections, we have the solutions available to help you turn back time on the appearance of your hands!

How can I help my hands look younger? 

Crepey, veiny hands can easily be re-volumized with Radiesse, the only Health Canada-approved filler for the hands. With the use of Radiesse  bio-stimulatory filler, your hands will have an immediate youthful appearance that will continue to improve over time as Radiesse promotes collagen and elastin production in the tissues. This bio-stimulatory effect lasts 9-12 months. Annual re-treatment with Radiesse will keep your hands looking their best.

Age spots are lightened through the regular home application of antioxidants, retinols, and sunscreen, followed by an in-office series of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. IPL treatments target the melanin in the sun spots to break up pigment and even out skin tone. 

Which treatment is right for me? 

We find that each patient requires individual, custom-tailored care to address their unique concerns and lifestyle.. If you are curious about hand rejuvenation services provided at MD Wellness Solutions, Dr. Tkatch and her team can provide recommendations to determine which services would best fit your needs. We  can also discuss ways to protect your hands from further damage and aging, such as using special skincare creams and protecting the skin with high SPF sunblock every day.

The secret to age-defying skin is in your hands! Contact us today to book your consultation! 

If you reside in Surrey, British Columbia, or the surrounding areas of Richmond, Vancouver, Delta, Langley, or White Rock, we welcome you to call (604) 385-3838 to request a consultation visit with our team of professionals. Dr. Shelin Tkatch is a board-certified doctor with solutions to help you look and feel your best! The office is at 313-2626 Croydon Drive and welcomes new patients.  

How much does Hand Rejuvenation cost?

The cost of your Hand Rejuvenation treatment will depend on the number of vials of Radiesse required as well the number of laser treatments recommended. Hand Rejuvenation treatments start at $1,700 and results are expected to last one to two years.

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45-54 year old woman before and after hand filler treatment