Frustrated by breakouts? Whether you suffer from mild, moderate or severe acne, Dr. Tkatch can help you obtain clear, beautiful skin. Acne affects men and women, teens and adults. It may leave you self conscious and lead to avoidance of social activities. The aftermath of the painful, deep nodules and cysts that are the hallmark of severe acne can scar a face for life, so it is important to treat acne aggressively.

What causes acne?

Acne is caused by a combination of factors. Skin oil, pollution, stress, make-up, hormones, bacteria, inflammation and diet all play a role. When all of these factors are addressed in an integrated manner you will start to see your skin clear up dramatically. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, so let us help you improve the health of your skin.

What are the best treatments for acne?

Dr. Tkatch is passionate about taking a holistic approach to treating acne. She starts by teaching her patients proper skin care habits and prescribing medical grade skin care products. In-office treatments such as HydraFacial MD and DermaPen microneedling may be used to kick start and maintain your results. When necessary, prescription medications, including retinols, oral or topical antibiotics, hormonal agents or Accutane may be prescribed. Once the acne is cleared, any scarring that remains can be improved with skin resurfacing lasers. All of this care is doctor supervised to ensure your results are fast, safe and effective.

How much will it cost to treat my acne?

Most patients who come to see us have already spent a fortune on internet and drug store products, spa services and prescriptions that either didn’t suit them or failed to clear up their skin. We take a different approach, and we promise that if you follow our physician’s direction your skin will improve and you will be happy with your investment.

First we will ask you to invest time in caring for your skin. About 10 minutes a day will see your skin start to improve within 6 weeks. You should expect to invest approximately $300-500 for your initial skin care products and a one time purchase of an ultrasonic skin care brush. Your products should last 3-4 months if used as directed and then can be replenished as needed. Ongoing use of effective medical grade acne skin care products costs no more than the drug store products you may have been using without satisfactory results.

We ask you to see us every 6-8 weeks while your skin is improving so we can document your progress and advise you on how to adjust your skin care products and prescriptions. The cost of these visits is included in your initial consultation fee for up to one year.

The cost of prescription products varies from $20-200 and your pharmacist will advise you of the cost, which may be covered by extended health care plans. If you elect to have facials, peels or microneedling, the cost varies from $150-500 per treatment. Ask us how to save on your treatments with our bundled packages. The cost of not treating your acne successfully is a lifetime of scarred skin. We believe the cost of clear, healthy skin is priceless!

Dr. Tkatch’s acne results

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