Dr. Tkatch has the perfect touch – I look great without looking “done.”

— Marlene M.

Coming to MD Wellness was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Tkatch and her staff are amazing and make you feel so comfortable. I wouldn’t trust anyone but Dr. Tkatch with my face :)

— Jaspreet

A big thank you to Dr. Tkatch and her fabulous team at MD Wellness. I just turned 40 this past summer and was noticing a few new lines in my forehead. Botox was something I always wanted to try but am terrified of needles. With Dr. Tkatch’s expertise and her team making me feel really at ease, I had a wonderful experience. I am now looking forward to my next appointment and love the way i’m looking. Thank you, thank you!

— Erin W.

Dr. Tkatch changed my life! I have had the opportunity to visit MD Wellness Solutions for IPL treatment for my severe rosacea skin. I have had rosacea for most of my life but over the years it progressively worsened. Not only is it embarrassing and uncomfortable it also prevented me from participating in many activities. Now after the treatments my rosacea is gone! My insecurity is gone! I’m comfortable in my own skin! Since then I have had other treatments, was recommended the best skincare products I have ever used and have been continuously impressed by Dr. Tkatch and her team’s expertise, commitment and kindness. Each experience is better than the last. I will continue to see and trust her!

— Lori L.

Have had two great experiences now with the team at MD Wellness. This is a great staff–ethical, knowledgeable, and super committed to helping their clients. I already have first-hand knowledge of how dedicated they are to providing the best service. I feel very confident in Dr Tkatch and all her team.

— Karen P.

In the beginning of 2022, my skin took a downhill and I had acne all over my face (I turned 36). After all the self-remedies, I finally decided to seek help. Here I am after 3 chemical peels, 3 hydrafacials, 1 microneedling, getting compliments from every single woman around. I am currently at month 5, skin has cleared up so well and tomorrow I will be doing my first laser session. I would never stop coming to this clinic, who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful? I am so proud of myself that I trusted Dr. Tkatch for my skin.

— Harp

I had two treatments with Dr. Abrahams at MD Wellness and she was amazing! I was a bit apprehensive of the process but she made me feel completely at ease and had some wonderful suggestions for where I would benefit from the treatment most. She was very knowledgeable when answering my questions and I was so happy with my results! I recommend her to friends and family and anyone looking for a kind, caring and professional Dr!

— Erin R.

Dr Tkatch is by far the creme de la creme of doctors administering Botox and Fillers. Her staff is knowledgeable, professional, caring and friendly and I’ve always felt comfortable being there. Highly Recommended!

— Josie T.

Dr. Tkatch was the only doctor ever to take time explaining different procedures. I appreciated her time and willingness to do a touch up after my Botox. Awesome doctor. Will have my lips done by Dr. Tkatch.

— TS

My hands look absolutely natural and there was no bruising or swelling. I think they look great. I like these subtle little changes with no downtime.

— VP

I am a patient of Dr. Tkatch at her gynecology practice & her MD Wellness practice as well. She has without a doubt fixed me from the “inside to the outside” over the past two years. I trust her completely & recommend her often!

— Samantha M.

What a great team you are. Your professionalism and attention to detail. I love how the Sublative has changed the texture and smoothness of my skin – it’s simply amazing!

— Terry C.

Welcoming and caring doctor and staff. Always willing to answer questions and take however long it takes to perform treatments.

—Sandy E.

Dr. Tkatch thoroughly explained all the procedures to me and made my decision very easy. Dr. Tkatch and her staff are very professional and pleasant. I would highly recommend Dr. Tkatch.

— Alison N.

This was my first time going to a dermatologist and getting a facial. I can say that I can not live without the HydraFacial from MD Wellness! My skin has improved 100% and only in 6 days! I have never been so impressed!

— Jessica F.

The girls are all amazing. Dr. Tkatch is so fabulous! Made me feel so good about myself and really listened to my concerns. Such a good experience.

— AN

Excellent staff who made me feel very at home. The treatment for migraines helped me feel much better.

— Dave

I find the staff are excellent. Doctor – amazing/very helpful. Staff – always call to make sure you are okay after peel.

— Roshini L.

It was an awesome experience, I loved being here – very friendly, even though it was my first time coming in it didn’t seem like it. I loved it, it was just like family. Awesome experience, I loved it. Thank you so much.

— Pavneet S.

Dr. Tkatch has been amazing with my Sublative treatments and chemical peel. I highly recommend MD Wellness Solutions for any skin care concerns.

— KA

Dr. Tkatch and her staff are so great! Very professional and also very friendly. They put me at ease right away. I like that Dr. Tkatch errs on the side of being conservative! I’m definitely a long-term client!

— KS

I loved how much time they spent explaining everything to me! So professional and everyone was so kind. Great experience!

— Tiffany W.

Very knowledgable and explained each step of the facial well. Attentive to my needs and feedback. Cannot wait to come back.

— Crystal M.