Tired, sad and angry-looking faces are no match for fillers!

Dr. Tkatch loves to perform facial magic with the help of the most technologically-advanced fillers available. Choosing from several filler lines, including Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse, Restylane and Prollenium Revanesse products, she will choose the fillers most appropriate to your needs and mix and match products to give you the best results. Dr. Tkatch is continually updating her knowledge and skills to bring you the most recent advances in cosmetic dermatology.

What are fillers?

The most commonly-used fillers are made of a naturally occurring sugar, hyaluronic acid, which is found widely throughout the human body. Hyaluronic acid gives our tissues structure and elasticity. Whether you want to address early changes of aging such as fine lines and texture change, advanced changes such as sagging of the skin and loss of fullness, hyaluronic acid is your friend. Physicians love hyaluronic acid fillers because they are integrated naturally, are broken down gradually just like the body’s own hyaluronic acid, and they are reversible, making them very safe and effective.

Are fillers safe?

Fillers are a medical procedure with inherent risks and benefits. Our safety protocol includes extensive and ongoing medical education, in-treatment use of ultrasound to image your unique anatomy and filler placement, cannulas (blunt tipped instruments instead of needles), experience in emergency management, and the availability of Dr. Tkatch for direct communication with every single patient who has fillers at MD Wellness Solutions. Yes, every single filler patient goes home with Dr. Tkatch’s personal cell phone number, in case of concerns.

What should I expect at my filler appointment?

Your consultation will begin with a discussion of your treatment goals and budget. Your goals or budget may require a staged approach to treatment with filler appointments over several months.

Dr. Tkatch will first perform an ultrasound of the anatomy in the area that is to receive fillers. Pre-treatment numbing and antiseptics will be applied to the skin to keep you comfortable and decrease any chance of infection. If you are prone to bruising or cold sores you will be offered appropriate preventative medications.

Dr. Tkatch uses blunt cannulas to deliver fillers into the deep layers of the skin to reverse the facial sagging, drooping and deflation that come with the aging process. Cannulas improve comfort, decrease bruising and lessen the chance of any serious complications as a result of your filler treatment.

You will leave the office with same-day visible results and further progressive enhancement to look forward to. If you are preparing for a special event or photos please allow yourself at least four weeks before the special day so that we may complete the treatment in stages if necessary and any temporary swelling resolves.

What should I expect after my filler appointment?

You will be provided Dr. Tkatch’s personal cell phone number to contact her in case of any immediate concerns. A staff member will contact you in one to two days to ensure you are doing well and are happy with your treatment. We ask that you refrain from vigorous exercise for twelve hours, extremes of heat and cold for several days, and dental appointments for one week. Please ensure you book your followup visit so we can photograph your new & improved energetic, happy and carefree appearance!

Dr. Tkatch’s filler results

55-64 year old woman before and after dermal filler treatment
75+ year old woman before and after dermal filler treatment
25-34 year old woman before and after lip filler treatment
65-74 year old woman before and after dermal filler treatment

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