If You Are Looking For Younger, Tighter Skin, Consider Bio-stimulatory Fillers

Are you in the Surrey, British Columbia area looking for skin that is more firm, lifted and youthful? As we age, our collagen production reduces and what results is skin that begins to wrinkle and sag. Consulting a skin health expert with training in dermatology like Dr. Shelin Tkatch at MD Wellness Solutions is a great first step in your journey to more resilient skin. Dr. Tkatch would like to tell you about ways you can achieve facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction including through Biostimulator Fillers.

What are Bio-stimulatory fillers?

The two Bio-stimulatory fillers approved by Health Canada are Radiesse® and Sculptra®. Radiesse® is a combination of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) and gel matrix, while Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). Sculptra and Radiesse® have been in medical cosmetic use for decades and are safe and effective Bio-stimulatory.

Both Sculptra® and Radiesse® work slowly and gradually to bring about greater stores of collagen in the dermal skin to give your skin lift and support. In addition to creating new collagen, Radiesse® also stimulates the skin to create new elastin. Collagen and elastin are connective tissues critical to skin strength and elasticity. When our skin loses its strength and elasticity, we develop loose skin that holds onto its folds, resulting in sagging, wrinkled skin.

Dr. Tkatch has extensive training and experience in the use of Bio-stimulatory fillers and loves them herself! Hands, jawlines, temples and necklace lines are all places where a little extra collagen and elastin in the skin go a long way towards looking fabulous!

Biostimulator Fillers

Are you a candidate for Bio-stimulatory fillers?

Radiesse® and Sculptra® are perfect for those who want to look refreshed without adding fullness to the face, and don’t mind that the result will appear gradually, without anyone noticing a large difference immediately after treatment. Initial results appear as early as four weeks and full results will be seen at six months.

Both Radiesse® and Sculptra® are long lasting, with average results after a completed treatment plan lasting 18-24 months. Neither product is suitable for use under the eyes or in the lips, where only hyaluronic acid fillers should be used. Sculptra® and Radiesse® require additional training and expertise to use, and neither Bio-stimulatory filler is reversible. If improved skin smoothness, tightness and glow are on your wish list, then Radiesse® and Sculptra® may be excellent treatment choices for you.

Bio-stimulatory fillers are generally reserved for those clients who have experience with hyaluronic acid fillers and would like an additional way to improve their appearance without looking over-injected. Book a consultation with Dr. Tkatch to explore whether Sculptra or Radiesse® should be a part of your overall skin health treatment plan.

What is the cost of Radiesse® and Sculptra® treatments?

Due to the increased material cost of bio-stimulatory fillers and the expertise required to safely inject them, most clinics charge more for Bio-stimulatory filler treatments than hyaluronic acid filler treatments. At MD Wellness Solutions, Dr. Tkatch wants you to receive the most appropriate filler for your treatment goals, without cost differential being a factor. Whether you need Bio-stimulatory fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers, or a combination of both, you will receive the same progressive discount depending on number of vials required to reach your desired treatment outcome. Most people treating their faces need two vials per decade of life after age 30, so the average 60-year-old patient would require eight or more vials across multiple treatment sessions. The average cost of a Bio-stimulatory filler treatment plan for a 60-year-old individual starts at $5,000. Your treatment plan will be individually crafted and final treatment costs discussed at your consultation. 

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Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD board-certified gynecologist-surgeon Surrey, BC

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD

Dr. Shelin Tkatch, MD, FRCSC, DPD, is a distinguished board-certified gynecologist-surgeon with a diploma in dermatology, exhibiting a unique blend of medical expertise. Renowned for her keen eye for facial aesthetics, she combines surgical precision with an artist's touch to achieve facial harmony and beauty for her patients.

Dr. Tkatch's commitment to research in vitality-enhancing medicine underscores her dedication to providing cutting-edge, non-surgical rejuvenation treatments. As an active staff member at Peace Arch Hospital and a Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia, she's at the forefront of medical education. Dr. Tkatch's holistic approach to healthcare and her membership in esteemed medical associations reflect her unwavering commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction. Dr. Tkatch's compassionate demeanor at MD Wellness Solutions fosters a safe and relaxed environment, allowing patients to embrace self-care and enhance their confidence through tailored treatments.