MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser

What is MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser?

The only Health Canada and FDA approved laser for the treatment of symptoms of pelvic ageing, now known as Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM), previously known as Vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch is a completely non-hormonal and non-surgical office treatment that returns the vaginal tissue to a more youthful and healthy state.

In menopause, the collagen and elastin within the vaginal tissues decline, the lining thins and secretes less fluid, and the pH becomes more alkaline. All these changes lead to painful sex (dyspareunia) as well as increased susceptibility to bladder infections and urinary problems, collectively known as Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. MonaLisa Touch is a completely hormone free solution to these problems.

  • Restores normal vaginal moisture and lubrication 
  • Relieves vaginal burning, itching and pain  
  • Improves elasticity of the vagina 
  • Allows couples to resume pleasurable intimacy
  • Suitable for women who choose not to use hormones
  • Improves mild to moderate urinary incontinence 
  • Relieves urgency, frequency and recurrent urinary tract infections

Dr. Tkatch was recently featured in a Vancouver Sun article about the MonaLisa Touch.

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How Does MonaLisa Touch Laser Work And Is It Safe?

  • Gentle but powerful pulses of laser energy are delivered to the collagen layer of the vaginal skin triggering production of new collagen to restore vaginal skin health
  • Treatment of choice to treat the genitourinary changes of menopause (vaginal atrophy) in women unable to take hormones due to breast cancer or who simply prefer not to take hormones
  • Non-surgical alternative for women not wishing to have mesh tape surgery for mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • Alternative to medications that cause severe dry mouth when treating over active bladder

What To Expect During Your Treatment

  • Dr. Tkatch is a specialist gynaecologist and will provide a complete gynaecological exam prior to treatment. She may diagnose you with a gynaecological condition for which the MonaLisa Touch may not be optimal, however she is able to offer the full spectrum of gynaecological medical and surgical alternatives to suit your individual health concern.
  • Series of 3 office laser treatments, each taking 5-10 minutes and spaced 6 weeks apart 
  • No anaesthesia required, the MonaLisa Touch treatment is as easy and comfortable as a pap smear
  • Resume daily activities immediately and intimacy in 72 hours
  • Symptom relief starts 1-2 weeks after the first MonaLisa Touch treatment and continues to improve as you complete the series
  • Annual touch up to maintain vaginal skin health

Why Should I Have My Vaginal Laser Treatment with Dr. Tkatch?

  • Vaginal laser treatments if improperly performed can leave you with significant health problems. Why trust your vaginal health to providers who aren't experts in gynecology? Your vagina deserves an expert!

Do I Need a Referral?

  • You may ask to be referred by your family physician to Dr. Tkatch for evaluation of your symptoms of Genitourinary Syndrome. Dr. Tkatch will discuss all appropriate options with you, which may include the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment.

What Does MonaLisa Touch Cost?

Currently, MonaLisa Touch is a new medical treatment for Genitourinary Syndrome that is not covered by government provincial health plans. If you have a private health services plan or extended health insurance check with your provider to see if this treatment is covered. The private pay cost of a series of treatments is $2500.

    Watch the video below to learn more about MonaLisa Touch. 


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