The LIQUID LIFT = BOTOX® Cosmetic + Filler + Advanced Technique

Each face tells a story - Make yours a positive one.  

"When volume is restored, the features are lifted and less prone to sagging. All without surgery."  -Dr. Tkatch

Expression lines are good (even babies have them), deep wrinkles…not so good. As we age, along with wrinkles, we lose fat in the face; leading to sunken areas, sagging and jowls. The Liquid Lift targets these signs of aging for the most advanced rejuvenation. At MD Wellness Solutions, Dr. Tkatch will use her expertise and gentle hand to restore balance and freshness to your facial contours. 



The LIQUID Lift is a nonsurgical facelift that addresses the most common signs of aging; wrinkles and volume loss. As we age we lose the hyaluronic acid that gives babies their flawless, plump skin. Wrinkles, folds, and furrows deepen, volume loss occurs and the skin begins to sag. By relaxing lines, filling in wrinkles and restoring volume, the skin is visibly lifted and the downturned lines that make us look haggard are smoothed. A tired or sad face is replaced by firmer, fresher, uplifted skin.


Benefits of LIQUID LIFT

 Soften the signs of aging:

  •        Reduce wrinkles
  •        Restore volume
  •        Rejuvenate skin texture
  •        Reverse sagging

Enhance features for balance and beautification:

  •        Cheek volume
  •        Lip volume

 A safe, non surgical solution to aging with little to no downtime. You’ll leave MD Wellness clinic with same day, visible results, and further, progressive enhancement to look forward to.



Botox Cosmetic is a safe, purified protein that relaxes muscles in the upper face to smooth away wrinkles. Juvederm injectable dermal filler is a smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid, a building block of young skin and naturally present in our bodies. It plumps wrinkles from within, replaces volume and enhances facial features through the mid to lower face. The Soft Lift combination corrects the 3 D’s of aging: Deterioration – fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture change; Descent – droopiness or sagging skin; Deflation – loss of fullness or volume.






Your Face is Unique. Your LIQUID LIFT Treatment should be too

Different decades, different facial shapes and different aging concerns require a unique, customized and personal aesthetic enhancement approach. Dr. Tkatch will use her professional eye to create a balanced, natural look that is right for you.


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