Skin Cancer Screening Made Easy

Do You Or A Loved One Have Moles That Worry You?

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and the incidence is on the rise. 80,000 Canadians are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and one in six Canadians will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. The good news is that survival rates are very high when skin cancer is detected and treated early. The problem for many patients has been ready access to a skin care doctor who can rapidly diagnose and treat their lesions. The wait is over! Dr. Tkatch and her staff are able to offer one stop mole evaluation, biopsy as necessary to rule out skin cancer and cosmetic removal of non-cancerous lesions. No referral required, just call 604-385-3838 and book a consultation appointment or use our online book now system.

What To Expect At Your Skin Cancer Screening?

Dr. Tkatch will start with your personal and family medical history.  Following this she will do a head to toe check of your lesions, including clinical photography as necessary to document and follow your moles. Any suspicious lesions can be biopsied that day. She will then review with you the options available for cosmetic removal of non-cancerous lesions. We offer excision, cautery and liquid nitrogen, all of which are comfortable and give excellent results. The cost of lesion removal is $99 per lesion.  

What Home Care Do I Need After My Mole Removal?

Dr. Tkatch recommends you avoid hot tubs and swimming pools while you heal, which will take 7-10 days. You will obtain the best cosmetic result by applying a silicone scar healing ointment, such as Stratamed, available for purchase at the time of your lesion removal. If your lesion was large, you may need to return to clinic for suture removal or repeat liquid nitrogen 1-2 weeks after your treatment. 



Many people are worried about their moles or just bothered by their cosmetic appearance. Rapid access to skin cancer screening allows for greater treatment choices, enhanced survival and better lifestyle outcomes. Book your peace of mind today!





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