Your First Visit

You may be nervous about having a skin health consultation but as soon as you meet Dr. Shelin Tkatch or Dr. Ruth Abrahams and our staff, you will start to feel at ease.   Your visit will begin with a consultation with Drs. Tkatch or Abrahams to assess your individual aesthetic and skin health goals. We will review your current skin care routine and offer recommendations on how to optimize your skin health. The staff will provide a demonstration of the recommended skin care products so that you can experience them for yourself and ask us questions. Next, you will have clinical photographs taken so we can document and follow your skin improvement. Drs. Tkatch or Abrahams will then review all the treatment options available for your skin concern and show you examples of their treatment outcomes for clients with similar goals.   No two people are alike, which is why our physicians customize a comprehensive treatment plan that is just for you. At the completion of every treatment you will be offered a complimentary application of Jane Iredale skin care makeup so you leave the clinic looking and feeling fabulous!

Why Does MD Wellness Solutions Charge A Consultation Fee?

Your $150 consultation fee reserves you an hour+ of either Dr. Tkatch or Dr. Abrahams' time devoted to your individual concerns, formulation of a goal specific treatment plan, medical photos to document your baseline appearance and hands on teaching of proper skin care techniques and products. Your consult fee will be applied to any skin care products or services you choose. Think of it as a great investment in yourself! 

Dr. Tkatch is passionate about enhancing the appearance of her patients through non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Join her and her talented team as they support you on your journey towards achieving your personal best.