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What Is The Difference Between a Surgical and Non-Surgical Facelift?

As we age, along with developing wrinkles, we lose bone and fat in the face; leading to sunken areas, sagging and jowls. These changes can be addressed by either surgical or non-surgical methods.

Traditional surgical facelifts require a general anaesthetic to allow for cutting of skin and muscle to reposition facial features and tighten skin. A surgical facelift can deliver beautiful results that will last for years, and if you are interested in this option, Dr. Tkatch and associates work with several top facial surgeons they are happy to refer you to who will take excellent care of you.

Surgical facelifts require considerable down-time and many people are afraid of the risk of serious complications and/or cost of these procedures. Many clients also are looking for a more subtle and gradual improvement in their appearance that will have them receiving compliments without anyone knowing they’ve had a procedure. That’s where Non-Surgical Facelifts excel.

Non-Surgical Facelifts use a combination of muscle relaxers, like Botox®, to relax negative expressions, such as frowning, and fill out deep wrinkles like naso-labial and marionette lines with moisture attracting hyaluronic acid fillers. The combination of muscle relaxers and fillers give natural results with an excellent safety profile. Dr. Tkatch will use her expertise and gentle hand to restore balance and freshness to your facial contours.

At MD Wellness Solutions we also use a combination of energy or laser based treatments to further enhance the results of your non-surgical facelift by ensuring that you have beautiful, even textured and toned skin to show off along with less lines and wrinkles!

If you are ready to lose your lines and wrinkles, book a consultation today with Dr. Tkatch or Dr. Ruth Abrahams, we look forward to serving you.

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