LELO Celebrating 10 years of pleasure

Beautiful form & function for the best feeling.

What is LELO?

LELO is a luxurious lifestyle brand from Stockholm that removes the stigma among personal massage devices. Beautiful form and function mimic female curves to bring you the best feeling. Enhance your pleasure with a luxurious line of products that will elevate and enrich your sexuality. These pleasure objects feature divine design for a modern spin on sensuality. 

What Makes LELO Different?

Compare the first cell phone (a brick) with the sleek and slim versions of today and you'll understand the overwhelming world success of LELO. Gone are the gauche sex toys of the past; replaced by sexy design that is modern and sensual, even before you turn it on! 

LELO for Enhanced Happiness

Intimacy is a mood booster that provides a natural high. Even the simple act of kissing or hugging releases feel-good endorphins that contribute to our overall happiness. By enhancing sexual pleasure (alone or with a partner) you foster a deeper relationship with yourself. We won't say that colours are brighter—but your self-awareness, and physical experience of the world deepens. Sex is life-affirming and LELO helps.  


LELO for Better Health  

When talking about muscles, the adage “use it or lose it” applies to the vagina as well. To keep this area healthy, you need strong pelvic floor muscles that will see you through pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and old age. Sex and the pleasure of orgasm serve to strengthen these muscles and increase blood flow to the wall of the vagina; keeping the tissue supple and elastic; a vital component of aging well. 


The LELO Lineup

LELO features a full range of products to set the stage for romance; from sensual candles to fan the flames; lingerie to highlight your assets; and toys to enhance your pleasure. LELO is a lifestyle brand that supports a critical element of the human experience, sex, and seeks to make it better.

  • Personal Massagers (Pleasure Objects)
  • Sensual massage oils
  • Soy candles
  • Premium silk intimate apparel

Celebrate life with LELO