Turning 50 November 19 2016

I turned 50 this year and some of you in your 40s and younger may wonder: what does 50 feel like? 50 feels energizing!

I found 40 to be freeing. When I turned 40 I noticed that I ceased to care what other people thought of my decisions. Decisions on how to live, where to live, whom to love and how I spent my time. I finally felt comfortable in my skin.

When I turned 50 I found new energy. As I turned 50 I noticed a greater urgency to take steps to actively pursue and build the life I envisioned for myself and my loved ones.

Some of the changes with 50, however, are not so pleasant and a little surprising to me, even though they shouldn’t be.

My vision is no longer what it was, both for things near and far. My hearing makes conversation in loud restaurants impossible. My memory is no longer my greatest asset. Joints are feeling a little stiff in the mornings. My bladder leaks more easily and at inopportune times. Intimacy has become painful because my skin feels dry and tears easily.

I’m not ready to be less just yet, and hopefully never. My desire to live my best life into my 50s, 60s and beyond has caused me to become energized.

Energized to see and do the things that matter to me. Energized to stay as fit and active as possible so I can enjoy my body, even if it is a little stiff. Energized to find solutions for the internal changes that menopause has brought to my intimate life.

I am pleased to share that there are lots of solutions to assist all of us with these changes. For myself, I set the goal of running the half marathon to celebrate 50.

I enlisted the help of a personal trainer to get me to my goal without injuring myself. I embraced home skin care products and skin rejuvenation treatments to keep my skin texture and tone better then ever.

I researched and found solutions for my bladder symptoms and the pain with intimacy, and I am happy to share this solution with my patients, just ask!

I encourage each of you to find the solutions you need to be fit, active, healthy and happy into your 40s, 50s, 60s, and on.