Teen Acne March 23 2016

Do you dread picture day?

Teen acne can sneak up on you or your teen suddenly. Among the myriad of changes puberty brings, from growing limbs to changing voices, the first signs of significant acne are easy to miss. Teens and their parents usually end up coming to see me when the problem has become serious and is really affecting self-confidence. Being a teen feels awkward enough without acne causing an even greater withdrawal from peers, sports and social activities.

There’s help! Acne can easily be treated with a proper at home skin care program, professional office treatments and prescription medications as necessary.

First, the skin care program. Teens are busy and they need a quick, easy routine they can accomplish on the go. I recommend a Clarisonic ultrasonic skin cleansing brush be used daily. A salisylic acid cleanser is a great choice for teens as is helps reduce the sebum or oil that causes acne. Good examples available in drugs stores are Cerave SA and Neutrogena. In our clinic, we love Simple Cleanser by SkinCeuticals and Oilacleanse by ZO Medical.

Follow this with a wipe with Cebatrol pads by ZO Medical to keep the skin oil free for hours. You’ll want to keep some Cebatrol pads in your gym bag to de-oil the skin after PE class.

In-office treatments include HydraFacial MD with Blue Light and chemical peels. These in-office treatments are an excellent opportunity for staff to review and reinforce home skin care habits and they really jump start a home skin care program, making quicker improvement possible.

Prescription medications are needed by some teens in order to obtain clear skin. The choices include topical preparations including retinols, and benzoyl peroxide. Sometimes oral antibiotics are necessary. And for the most serious cases, there is isotretinoin, also known as Accutane. If I prescribe this medication I will ask you to have regular lab tests and see you monthly to monitor for side effects and adjust your dose to ensure you your see skin clearing safely.

You don’t need to dread picture day! Contact us today at 604-385-3838 or to book your consultation with Dr. Tkatch.